Take a look in some very useful ideas about self-care for people with epilepsy and learn how to remember a whole series of key procedures, on a daily basis, that can help control epileptic seizures and improve your quality of life.


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You should interact and share with the healthcare team all your doubts, concerns, fears, worries, successes, breakthroughs and other aspects that you consider relevant to be analysed by the multidisciplinary team that follows you and helps to manage your chronic condition.

• Ask questions, don’t hold back and ask anything you want. Clarify all doubts.

• Share how epilepsy is impacting your daily life.

• Share what is important to you in the treatment.

• Use a diary to write down the most important information in such a way that the notes can guide your conversation with the doctor.

• Ask for additional information on your treatment.

• Always check your medicines to ensure full compliance with recommendations.

• Identify targets and set goals.

• Keep the diary updated so that you can share with the healthcare team the developments, achievements and other important aspects.

• Keep treatment on track.

• Keep seizure records about the moment, frequency and severity of it.

• Commit yourself to appointments and don’t fail your commitment to the doctor.

• Be part of the health team. Don’t focus all your attention on the neurologist and share the information, doubts, fears and feelings with the rest of the healthcare team (nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, among others). Each of them can help in different ways.

What can you do to better control the seizures?

01_Take the medication strictly according to your doctor’s instructions
02_Get enough sleep and keep a regular sleep regime
03_Avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages
04_Avoid the use of recreational drug
05_Try to reduce your stress levels
06_Keeping healthy is part of seizure management
07_Moderate and careful practice of physical exercise